Bemp Bjeng: Primitive Sounds Of A New Genre


Bemp Bjeng are a 4 man band originating in Liverpool who add acoustic guitar, bass, vocals, keyboard and computer technics into a mixing pot of well crafted acoustic and electronic sounds. Syncing opposites of traditional folk and modern up tempo melodies, the northern band are harnessing the primitive exciting sounds of a new genre. Beat-herder sets the perfect scene for Bemp Bjeng’s sound to be appreciated; a unique and eccentric collection of folk vibes, electronic tones and rough round the edges euphoric acoustics which can warm the hearts of country lovers and the ever growing diversity of Beat-herder festival’s audience.

Bemp Bjeng’s playlist mix instruments and genres into catchy songs that couldn’t be further from conventional. In a single song, one layer can present electronic sounds forming the rhythm, a second layer introducing a guitar melody as a background constant, a third layer kicking off an up tempo complex guitar riff synced perfectly into the offbeat electronics and the first guitar, with a fourth layer blending in well suited vocals. These interesting layers intertwine beats, sounds and vocals and are changed up in every song; alternating beats and melodies between folk acoustic and electronic influences.

The blend of an unconventional well-crafted array of sounds leaves Bemp Bjeng embodying the beats and barminess of Beat-herder. Listen to Bemp Bjeng to enjoy a truly local, northern and innovative band that with Beat-herder’s platform can showcase a newborn sound to the Lancashire country land.