Harrods: Fashion At Altitude


The only thing left is to drop the front row Panama hat and pick up your passport. British department store Harrods have an intriguing new take on the classic runway show by sending high-end fashion literally mile high, with the help of a certain Airbus-A380.

Yes, a brand new design by British Airways launches the first A380, a commercial aircraft with two floors and a whole new standard of first class, which, with Harrods’ ambition to create unconventional experiences, leaves fashion and technology (and the creative manager of Harrods) creating a light-bulb moment.

The fashion show took place last month at 30,000 feet in the Airbus A380 over Johannesburg, showcasing the Spring/Summer collections of iconic British fashion designers Stella McArtney, Victoria Beckham, Ralph & Russo and Temperley, to name a few. The client list read like a who’s who of fashion gold, with 200 guests filling the isles, champagne in hand, eagle eyes at the ready. All the elements of a fashion show were there, models adorned in designer collections and a runway set to showcase designs.

The difference is in the experience, not of the fashion designs themselves, but of the guest’s experience of the runway. The blatant 30,000 foot between an ordinary catwalk and this one gives a unique, creative and immersive experience, experimenting with guest’s interpretation of traditional fashion. Perhaps this type of runway will never take off on the ground, and I suspect it won’t. But the celebration of British fashion set in the creative brain child of British technology gives a refreshing and exciting change to the everyday run of the mill. And that, according to Michael Ward the managing director of events, is exactly what Harrods is aiming for.


“Harrods is delighted to have partnered with British Airways, bringing together two iconic British brands, to create a spectacular event. Celebrating the exceptional design of the A380, we were able to present the talent and creativity of our most respected British fashion designers, in a unique experience at 30,000ft.”

Harrods are well known for honing in on interactive high-spirited experiences for the consumer, using unique events to drive sales, social media traffic and presence both online and on the street. Excitement, camaraderie and headlines surround Harrods events, and there extra online coverage of London Fashion Week gives the store a trusted credibility not only in retail but in the exclusive fashion industry. Harrods’ sophisticated involvement online means coverage of an event will increase far beyond the actual attendants present, but if you strike lucky and are in attendance…they certainly know how to put on a show.